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  • Robusto BN5
  • Robusto BN5
  • Robusto BN5

Robusto BN5

Unit: 5 Cigars

MM: 128

Gauge: 50



Rated 88 (excellent) by Cigar Afficionado; Smoke Magazine desrcibes it as "An easy-going cigar that will please those who like light cigars."



Highly complex due to five different tobaccos, from four different countries, used in the cigar. 

Smooth, creamy, and sweet taste.

Mild to medium-bodied, with spicy character.

Amellow elegant smoke with no harshness.



Easy-going and non-lingering.

Non-offensive but stronger than expected.



Light and clean finish with a hint of spice.

A unique cigar due to its complexity; no other cigar combines this range of ingredients.

Aftertaste lingers with a slightly full, yet smooth, amber flavor.


WRAPPER: Isabela, Philippines


BINDER: Connecticut


FILLER: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Philippines


NOTE: Actual box may differ from the photo.


NOTE: Actual box may differ from the photo


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